Something to think about!



When God Says No

2 Corinthians 12:7-10 How much is enough? Enough always seems to be "just a little more" than what we have. As Americans we never seem to have quite enough. We want to be pain free, trouble free, debt free, and have stuff. Will we ever learn the art of living where we are, with who we are and with what we have and be content? Not until we learn the lesson that Paul learned in today's Scripture. This does not mean that we do not seek healing, resolve problems and try to better our lives; but it does mean that none of these should be controlling forces in our lives. One can spend a lifetime seeking solutions to these things and at the end of their lives discover that they never really succeeded in living. It passed them by and they missed it. Paul had a "thorn in the flesh". We are never told what it was. Was it malaria? Bad eyesight? A Spiritual problem? Probably it's best that we don't know - in that way we can put our self in that place and find help in our situation. Paul sought the Lord in getting the problem removed, and Paul knew how to seek the Lord. Was Paul not delivered or healed because that he was somehow deficient in faith at that time? Not at all! If Paul's faith was the problem, then we might just as well give up right now - we don't have a chance. The lesson here is that life does not consist of being bailed out of our troubles by the "Good Guy in the sky." It's all about learning how to live in the power of the all sufficient grace of a loving God. His kingdom and our relationship to Him can advance, because of, in spite of, and through the pain, the trouble and the debts. His supply of grace, resources, etc. will always be enough. "His grace is sufficient... when I am weak then I am strong." Is our plan better than His? Think about it! The program is His. I don't have to worry. I have been set free!!!!!